What’s Your Favorite…?

“Hey, Kim, what’s your favorite…?” This is often a difficult question for me to answer. For example, how am I to choose between warm chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake, peach cobbler, or traditional birthday cake to select my favorite dessert? Likewise, when someone asks me who is my favorite author, I cannot be limited to one name. I have too many favorites well worth mentioning. Although this is not a book review blog, and I am not a reviewer, I thought I’d stray from my typical post style and share some of my favorite Christian Fiction authors and books.  (Heads up: This post is more lengthy than my routine posts.)

Author Elizabeth Camden writes Historical Christian Romance set in the United States. Her settings are always interesting and her history details are well woven into the romantic story.  I’ve read all her books and am listing my two favorite. Against the Tides has some beautifully written dialogue between the protagonists. The story deals with the misuse of a common drug of the day.  Both the history and the romance in Every Breath made it one of the most interesting stories I’ve read. The early stages of  seeking a cure for tuberculosis throws the protagonists together. Both stories are filled with humor.

Elizabeth Musser’s stories follow a variety of settings and topics. She has a two-book series set in Atlanta and Hilton Head.  I actually  road-tripped and viewed the locations she mentions in that series. However, my favorite works of hers is the Secrets of the Cross Trilogy  that is set in France in the 1960’s and later on in…well, I won’t give away part of the story. Huguenots. Religious persecution. Smuggling of believers, etc. are all a part of this series. Readers will grow with the two protagonists as the stories span their lives. The lead characters are a delight to get to know.

Kate Breslin writes outstanding historical fiction. My favorite is For Such a Time, set in WW2 and focused on a particular Nazi officer and a female prisoner. The title should give you some hint to the plot of the story.

LN Cronk wrote the Chop Chop Series. I came across the first book on Bookbub, read it, and fell in love with the stories, even though they are out of my usual genre.  I have read the series many times. I laugh out loud, wipe tears, and find myself thinking about the characters as though they truly exist. Ironically, many of the scenarios in the stories have taken place in my own life–so much so, that I wrote the author and told her. I later became a beta reader for her. The stories follow a group of friends for a span of fifty-plus years. The books are primarily (perhaps entirally at this point) sold as e-books.

Cathy Gohlke writes historical Christian fiction. My favorite novel is Saving Amelie, set in WW2. A gripping story of how the war impacted families–particularly the life of a little girl.

Changing gears just a bit, take a look at these recommendations:

  1. Want to laugh? Becky Wade writes modern day romance with a good sense of humor. I’d suggest you start with My Stubborn Heart.
  2. Want to deal with an intriguing medical disorder?  Read Elaine Stock’s Good Girl.
  3. Love WWII? Sarah Sundin is a great choice. Her books can be read independently, but groups of them stay connected. I’d start with the Wings of the Nightingale Series.
  4. Do you like an intricate plot? Give Kristy Cambron a try. I’ve enjoyed every one of books equally–ok, maybe I would pick The Ring Master’s Wife as my favorite. Her protagonists are very interesting characters.
  5. One of my favorite male characters is in Kristen Heitzmann‘s Rose Legacy Series. Think 1880’s Colorado mining towns.  What a transformation this troubled character experiences.
  6. Whom have I recently discovered? I read Sons of Blackbird Mountain by Joanne Bischof. (Honestly, I’m already on my third reading of it.)  Her writing style flows smoothly and rhythmically. I  enjoy good insight into characters, and this story has  allows the reader to get to know the protagonists from the inside out.  This book has a deaf protagonist that is beautifully written. I kept seeing this novel mentioned all over my social medias and had to see what the hype was all about. I will definitely be reading more of her works.
  7. Do you like drama, crime, and lawyers? Try James Bell.
  8. Do you like a lot of variety in an author? Give Charles Martin and also Robert Whitlow a try. Yes, you’ll begin to discover the author’s underlying writing habits, but each of them write drama with a taste of romance and a twist of unique storylines.
  9. Have you mentioned every author or book you favor? Nope, and my heart hurts a bit for not doing so.
  10.  And, if you’re looking for a series set in rural 1920’s Texas, click this link: https://tinyurl.com/ybof68te  Bothbinding(I’m shameless.)

Thanks for letting me chase a rabbit trail on this post.  One last question: Who are your favorite authors and books? I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Reading.



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