The Things I Don’t Know and the Things I Do Know


This picture was taken on my daughter’s phone November 15 at 8:57 PM. Three minutes later at 9:00 PM, that same phone was used to call 911 because the man in the picture collapsed onto the table unconscious.

When my family gathered on November 15 at the county school district office to hear the announcement of our daughter’s promotion, we proudly shook hands with county board members, applauded, chattered, and stood for family pictures. I didn’t know that a half hour later while celebrating at Krispy Kreme, I would think my husband was dying. Multitudes of thoughts and emotions passed through me in minuscule measurements of time. I am grateful to say that in the wee hours of the morning in ER, all turned out well. My husband has some iron and blood pressure issues to tweak.

The scary incident reminded me that what I don’t know makes me grateful for what I do know.

I don’t know what relationship, job, health or financial struggles those I love may face. I don’t know when or how my loved ones or I will leave this Earth. I don’t know if I’m headed into an accident while driving to the store. I don’t know what issue I may face at work. Simply stated, I don’t know the future of my life here on Earth. I’m glad because in my humanity, knowing the bad would taint knowing the good.

Omniscience belongs to God, and He promises to be a lamp unto our feet and give us just enough light to take the next steps of our path here on Earth—whether or not the steps are taken on rough terrain or smooth grass. No matter the path I find myself on, I can rely on what I do know.

  • God will never leave me or forsake me
  • God is just and trustworthy
  • My salvation is sealed in Christ
  • God’s rod and staff will comfort

When we get right down to it–our relationship with God and then the people we love matter more than anything else on Earth.


As I write this, Christmas is just around the corner, and my husband is playing his trumpet in our church Atlanta Christmas Musical. I wish you a very Merry Christmas.



(And by the way, I am busy with my characters in Layton as I write book three.)



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